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We believe the annual dance recital is a very fulfilling experience for the student.  It not only gives them the opportunity to perform for their family and friends, but also reaffirms important life long skills such as personal responsibility and cooperating with a group.  


Each year our recital is held in June.  Participation is encouraged, but not required.  We understand that some students are unable to, or may choose not to, participate. Because of this, we keep the cost associated with the show, costumes and tickets, separate from monthly tuition fees.  Ticket sales will help cover facility rental fees, event staging and program costs.


We will provide more information about the show later in the season. Specific event dates and times will be provided under the 'Events' section of our website. 


Throughout the first part of the season, we will locate new and exciting costumes for our dancers.  Each year we purchase the same brand of tights to ensure that we have the same color for all the dancers, and to allow dancers to reuse their tights from year to year.   We guarantee costume prices will not exceed $65.00 for the younger students and $75.00 for the older students.  If the actual prices from the manufactures turn out to be higher, Expressions Dance Academy will absorb the additional costs. We will collect the deposit for each costume in November, and the final payment will be due in February.

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